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Installing Air Conditioning, a Recent Project in the News..

Installing expensive rooftop air conditioning equipment is a specialist task that should only be undertaken by companies with the necessary skills and the right plant. ACR Today followed one such company, London Lifting, in a recent project where new BAC open cross flow cooling towers were installed on the roof of a computer site in Bedfordshire. End-user Voca Limited provides payments services to banks and corporates. Two three-section cooling towers were over 25 years old and needed replacement to continue providing cooling to Voca's data centres.

Only 8 O'clock and the crane has arrived. Over previous days, a full survey and risk assessment has been undertaken.


The teams are ready and all systems are good to go - but the weather takes a change for the worse. 

London Lifting has three smaller cranes but at 55 tonne and with a 40m boom, this is their flagship. Precision lifts are jeopardised by winds in excess of 12 mph but the rain soon stops and the lift is on again.


Fully computerised and very versatile, thre Liebherr is also ideal for inner city jobs where space is tight. The legs go down, the crane's on-board computer is coded, the boom is extended to 33m to lift over 2 tonne on a 16m radius.

London Lifting is a family business and regularly lifts cooling towers, chillers and air handling units accross the south of England. 


The old systems have been decommissioned, the three sections separated and are lifted away for scrap. 

Tower Systems had maintained the old towers to the end and will now install like for like replacements. Made of sheet steel and now well corroded, these old sections will be replaced by BAC'S latest stainless steel towers.


The new tower arrives in three sections: air intake fans, crossflow heat exchanger, exhaust air extension. The lift is going to plan, the three old sections have been removed but all eyes are still on the weather.

The crane driver is unsighted so to bring the load down precisely, the radioman must give clear and calm instructions. 


It's a dangerous task but London Lifting's crew are experienced and properly trained - nothing is rushed.

The sections must come down into a tight, rooftop well, keeping clear of the customer's data comms antennae. No time to panic, the radio man guides in the section, inch by inch, always looking for possible collision points.


Only inches to spare all round, the section is finally located onto the supporting platform, ready for Tower Systems to install.


Smiles all round as the last section comes in. "Nice to see a professional team in action," said Travis Bryson, Voca Engineering Supervisor.

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